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iPhone 14 Plus Cases and Screen Protector

The iPhone 14 Plus is a remarkable device that effortlessly combines cutting-edge technology, elegant aesthetics and seamless usability. Its advanced features and high-end specifications make it a worthy investment that deserves the best care and protection. The best way to ensure your device stays in perfect condition is by investing in iPhone 14 Plus accessories. These accessories not only add an extra layer of protection to your device, but also enhance its aesthetics, allowing you to truly personalise your phone.

Lux-Case offers a wide range of iPhone 14 Plus accessories, specialising in cases, covers and screen protectors. We understand that every iPhone user has unique preferences and requirements, and we endeavour to cater to them all with our extensive collection. Our cases and covers are available in a variety of materials - silicone, leather and hard plastic - each offering different levels of protection and aesthetic appeal. They come in a spectrum of colours and designs, so you can choose accessories that match your personal style. Plus, our screen protectors, available in tempered glass and plastic film, ensure your device's screen stays free from scratches and cracks, preserving its high-quality display.

Explore our collection and find the perfect accessory to protect and personalise your iPhone 14 Plus. We also offer fast delivery and great prices. Buy a cover for your iPhone 14 Plus today!

Our Cases for iPhone 14 Plus

In our wide range of iPhone 14 Plus cases and covers, you'll find everything you need for your phone - both to keep it safe and stylish!

In our range of iPhone 14 Plus cases, you'll find protective cases that are premium quality and trendy. Products that are good for your phone and good for you. So what can you expect and what are your needs?

iPhone 14 Plus Silicone Cases

A silicone case for iPhone 14 Plus has many benefits beyond its primary function of protecting the back and sides of the device. It acts as a shock absorber, mitigating the impact of accidental drops and preventing potential damage to the device.

The smooth, tactile feel of a silicone case also improves grip, reducing the risk of slipping or falling. These cases are available in a myriad of colours and designs, allowing users to personalise their devices to suit their style.

Plus, a silicone case is easy to clean and maintain, so your iPhone 14 Plus will always look perfect and brand new.

iPhone 14 Plus Clear Case

A transparent mobile case for the iPhone 14 Plus not only provides security, but also an aesthetic appeal that helps preserve the sleek design of the device. It's essentially a protective shield that protects the back and sides of your phone from scratches, dents and other forms of physical damage.

The clear case allows you to show off the original colour and design of your iPhone 14 Plus, so you can show off your style without compromising. Plus, these cases are typically lightweight and slim, minimising the space they take up on your device. They are often made with advanced technology that resists yellowing and clouding over time, so your case stays crystal clear for longer.

This way, a transparent case not only keeps your device safe, but also makes it more attractive.

iPhone 14 Plus Wallet Case

A wallet case is a protective accessory for your iPhone 14 Plus that cases both the back and front of your device.

One of the main benefits of a flip case is the added convenience it provides. Some flip cases have integrated pockets or slots so you can keep important cards or cash with your iPhone.

In addition, many flip cases can also act as a stand, providing a comfortable viewing angle for watching videos or making video calls. Therefore, a flip case for your iPhone 14 Plus not only increases its lifespan, but also improves its functionality and convenience.

iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case

A MagSafe case for your iPhone 14 Plus is not just an accessory, but a smart investment. The main advantage of this case is that it contains magnets that allow various MagSafe accessories to attach seamlessly, improving the usability of your device.

In addition, the MagSafe case provides excellent protection for your iPhone and helps keep it safe from scratches and minor bumps. It also moulds perfectly to your device and provides a great fit without taking up too much space.

In short, a MagSafe case is a mix of protection, style and functionality, making it an essential accessory for your iPhone 14 Plus.

Best iPhone 14 Plus Cases

Choosing the iPhone 14 Plus case depends on various factors that depend on your individual needs and lifestyle. The material of the case, for example, is crucial as it affects the level of protection your device will receive.

You can choose anything from silicone, which provides shock absorption and a good grip, to leather, which gives a sleek and luxurious feel. The colour is another aspect to consider as it adds a personal element to your device.

Furthermore, the level of protection of the case is an important factor, especially for those who are prone to dropping their phones or for those who have children. Features like MagSafe compatibility or wireless charging capability can also be deciding factors. Ultimately, the best iPhone 14 Plus case is one that suits your needs, preferences and lifestyle.

iPhone 14 Plus Screen Protectors

Last but not least, let's take a look at our great selection of iPhone 14 Plus screen protectors.

A screen protector secures your iPhone 14 Plus against scratches, moisture and other forms of wear and tear. A screen protector only needs to be applied once and stays in place, so you can focus on using and enjoying your device.

You can find our iPhone 14 Plus screen protectors in either durable TPU or tempered glass, depending on your preference.