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Classic iPhone 15 flip case - Pink Prix de vente€19,49 EUR
Mandala iPhone 15 Flip case - Black Prix de vente€22,00 EUR
CaseMe iPhone 15 Vintage Case - Brown Prix de vente€24,62 EUR
Marble iPhone 15 case - Black Prix de vente€11,51 EUR
CaseMe iPhone 15 Vintage Case - Blue Prix de vente€24,62 EUR
Mandala iPhone 15 Flip case - Rose Gold Prix de vente€22,00 EUR
Mandala iPhone 15 Flip case - Purple Prix de vente€22,00 EUR
CaseMe iPhone 15 Vintage Case - Black Prix de vente€24,62 EUR
Classic iPhone 15 flip case - Black Prix de vente€19,49 EUR
Lux-Case Airbag cover for iPhone 15 Prix de vente€10,85 EUR
Lux-Case Airbag cover for iPhone 15 Prix de vente€10,85 EUR
iPhone 15 rainbow silicone cover - Red Prix de vente€20,69 EUR
Couverture Bofink Combat iPhone 15 - Or Prix de vente€16,87 EUR
CaseMe iPhone 15 Vintage Case - Red Prix de vente€24,62 EUR
CaseMe iPhone 15 Zipper Wallet - Black Prix de vente€60,03 EUR
CaseMe iPhone 15 Vintage Case - Coffee Prix de vente€24,62 EUR
Bofink iPhone 15 Card cover - Blue Prix de vente€19,38 EUR
Marble iPhone 15 case - Grey Prix de vente€11,51 EUR
Classic iPhone 15 flip case - Green Prix de vente€19,49 EUR
CaseMe iPhone 15 Zipper Wallet - Red Prix de vente€60,03 EUR
Bofink iPhone 15 Card cover - Black Prix de vente€19,38 EUR

iPhone 15 Cases & Accessories

Almost as important as having a new iPhone 15 is making sure it stays protected. Your iPhone 15 is the way you stay in touch with your friends and family, the way you listen to music and maybe even watch films - so why not give it some love? A little extra protection goes a long way and is a smart investment in both form and function.

On our website, you'll find everything you need for your iPhone 15. That means everything from iPhone 15 covers, cases, chargers, screen protectors, and much more. Buy today, quickly and easily online from the largest mobile accessories retailer on the internet.

Your case for iPhone 15

The best way to protect your favourite phone is with our iPhone 15 cases. A cover easily attaches to your phone and protects it both in your hand and in your pocket from accidents and daily wear and tear.

Of course, there are many different kinds of covers and cases to choose from for your iPhone 15. We have simple and lightweight silicone cases that make your phone easier to grip while not taking up extra space in your pocket, to leather wallet cases where you can store everything from cards and cash along with your iPhone 15.

Choose the right iPhone 15 case for you

You need to ask yourself two things: what you want and what you need. Your preferences are paramount, and our wide range of iPhone 15 accessories are designed so you can pick and choose what's perfect for you.

Maybe you need something a little more minimalist and lightweight, something that slips easily out of your pocket and doesn't take up much space? Or maybe you want something more robust to keep up with your active lifestyle? Maybe you just want everything in one place and not have to worry? Either way, you'll find it all here in our range.

What are your options?

iPhone 15 silicone covers

A silicone cover for iPhone 15 is one of our most popular products and it's easy to see why. As the name suggests, these back covers protect the back, camera and sides of your iPhone 15. They come in different colours and designs, so you can find something that's not only protective but also stylish. We also have a large selection of iPhone 15 cases made from different materials, such as hard plastic, and designed with different features like a built-in card holder or a handy stand.

iPhone 15 leather case

A leather case for your iPhone 15, also known as a wallet case or flip case, is the perfect way to stay organised when you're on the go. Keep your phone, cards, cash and other essentials in one place. But just because they're practical doesn't mean they have to be boring, and you can protect your iPhone in style with our leather iPhone 15 cases in different colours and styles to suit your preferences.

iPhone 15 MagSafe cover

It doesn't get much easier than wireless charging. It's also faster and gives you easier access to your phone. With one of our cases compatible with magsafe wireless chargers, you'll never have to remove the case to keep your battery fully charged either. Here you'll find stylish iPhone 15 MagSafe cases in a wide range of colours and patterns, from transparent cases to strong silicone cases.

Other accessories for iPhone 15

Apart from your iPhone 15 case, there may be other things you're interested in when it comes to protection and longevity for your device. That's why we have a selection of iPhone 15 accessories such as screen protectors, chargers and even camera protectors.

iPhone 15 screen protector

The screen of your iPhone 15 is made from industry-leading, high-quality Cermaic Shield glass, but as you may already know, it can unfortunately get scratched. A scratch on your iPhone 15 screen can be anything from annoying to downright disruptive, which is why we recommend investing in a screen protector for iPhone 15.

A transparent screen protector attaches seamlessly to the screen, protecting against scratches, smudges and moisture without interfering with the way you interact with the screen.

iPhone 15 chargers

Keep your phone's battery fully charged with an iPhone 15 charger. We have both MagSafe chargers and regular chargers, so you can choose the solution you prefer.

What is MagSafe wireless charging?

To put it simply: MagSafe is a way to magnetically charge your iPhone 15 without having to plug a cord into the charging port. The MagSafe charger easily attaches to the back of your iPhone 15 so you no longer have to worry about the cable getting caught, tangled or broken.

What is the best iPhone 15 cover?

The best protection for your mobile phone depends on you, of course, but we always say that it's better to protect your phone with something than nothing. Whatever cover you choose will preserve the condition of your phone, and we also know that a cover you love, that matches your preferences and suits your style, is an iPhone 15 cover you're more likely to use. So try not to worry about which case is best and choose the perfect case for you instead.